Back And Forth (Malmö/Rome) (2017-ongoing)

The project “Back and Forth” (Malmö/Rome) is a time travel between myself and an unknown swedish couple. I found twelve photo albums next to a recycle bin near the apartment where I used to live 2 years ago. The owners, a swedish couple, had been traveling from Malmö to Rome several times from 1970 to 1990. I lived in Rome for 10 years before moving to Malmö.
In this project I am interested in how I can implement my own space in these photographs by adding and removing details around this couple. I’m interested in finding new meanings and to create new memories in these typical “tourist images”. The culture of getting your photo taken in front of important buildings and monuments has become the norm when one travels, a long time ago. Rome as a city has gone through a massive change from the 70s until now through an increase in tourism and being exposed to billions of documentation photos. Rome in itself is like a time travel being one of the oldest cities in the world and by using a digital tool to replicate details and to try to hide this couple in the photos I am using digital technology on a analog photo to unfold a new narrative. The swedish couple is being semi-removed as a way to highlight them in a crowd, next to a bus, in a square and in front of ancient relics of a grand piece of history like the digital effect on the pictures that I have found on Google Maps.